10 Farming Equipment for Your Hobby Farm

You know that being a farmer, You mush aware of farming equipment and their uses as we there are various options available in the market, it can be tough trying to figure out what you need to buy.

I am sharing this list of the farm equipment that you can use to maintain your farm more efficiently. 

1. Tractor

A tractor is one of the most engineering vehicle specifically designed to deliver a high tractive effort at slow speeds, Tractor is used to haul a trailer or machinery used in agriculture or other construction activity. Now a day Tractors are available in different sizes and they are highly versatile pieces of farm equipment. 

At the time of purchasing a tractor, we need to keep in mind the just the right amount of horsepower and the right hitch rating for the work. A two-wheeled tractor is known as a walk-behind tractor, can be used along with the range of attachments, including a hay baler, a rotavator, seeder, wagon, power harrow, and more.

2. Wagon

A farm wagon is a perfect solution for moving hay.

3. Mowers

The mower is a piece of farm equipment used for harvesting grasses and forage crops. It cuts the stalks of rising vegetation to make hay out of them.

4. Sprayers

Sprayers are a type of farm implements commonly used on farms to spray pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and defoliants as a means of crop quality control. 


baler is a piece of farm machinery used to compress a cut and collected crop into compact bales that are easy to handle, transport, and store.

There are three types of balers: square balers, round balers, and large square balers.

6. Combine or Harvester

Combine Harvester is one of the most efficient tools for harvesting crops and getting the crops out of the field. A combine is one of the most popular farm machines among the farmers.

7. Seed Drills

Seed drills are tractor driven agriculture machine used to insert seeds into the farm while minimizing soil disturbance. 

8. Cultivator

Cultivators are a piece of agriculture machine are used for soil cultivation to prepare a seedbed or for weed control before planting into a bed.

9. Harrow

Harrows are designed to be pulled behind a tractor to level the soil surface.


Plough is tractor driven agriculture equipment used to turn the layer of soil, It plays a vital role to increase the nutrients in the surface of the soil.

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