3 Different Types of Tractors Used in Agriculture

In the era of mechanization, we use several types of farm machinery to do tasks and save our energy. Tractors are one of the most important tools for farmers. It would be right if we that no modern Agriculture is complete without a farm tractor. The tractor is mainly used for agriculture activity or other construction activity to pull the loads. A wide range of farm equipment makes the tractor versatile agricultural equipment that can do many roles.
In this article Learn the types of tractors from agriculture machinery manufacturers divided according to their usage. Also, learn to know how the tractor works.

Types of Tractors used in Agriculture

Utility Tractors

Utility Tractors is a general type of farm tractor used for plowing and pulling others to implement using its drive. It is one of the better options for farmers due to its multi-use as farmers cannot afford many farm machines to carry out specific jobs. Utility Tractors is one of the compact, powerful, reliable, and productive. It is capable of fulfilling the demand of modern agriculture methods through its versatility.


Row Crop Tractor

It is one of the multi-purpose machines that is specially designed to meet almost every farming work like plowing, pulling seed drills, leveling, harrowing, and weed control. Ther are the following features of these types of tractor.

  • Good soil level clearance
  • Easy to steer; can take short turns
  • Easy to the driver and user-friendly
  • Connecting and dividing farm attachments is fast and simple
  • Good row spacing facility

Orchard tractor

The orchard is a special type of compact tractor and there is no part of these machines hangs or projects outside the surface. These kinds of farm tractor have increased height so that the plucking of fruits becomes easy. The small size of the farm tractor makes moving between trucks easy.

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