Agricultural machinery: Production in growth

In Modern Era of Agriculture there are various agriculture machine or agriculture equipment which play a major role in development of Agriculture productivity, and reduce our time and human effort.

There are many advantage of agriculture machines all these can be grouped in following points.

  • Reducing human drudgery.
  • Increasing productivity, improving timeliness of agricultural operations such as planting and harvesting.Completing certain farming operations such as planting and harvesting in a timely manner increases yields and improves profitability.
  • Reducing peak labour demands are among the most compelling. Farming operations are seasonal with fluctuating labour demand. More labour is needed during planting and harvesting than during other periods of plant growth. This fluctuation in labour demand creates labour management problems. With mechanisation it is possible to reduce peak labour demand and maintain a more stable labour force on the farm.

Different farm tools and equipment and their functions – Agricultural Science

  • Tillage equipment
  • Seeding and planting Equipment
  • Harvesting and Threshing equipment

Tillage equipment:

Tillage is a physical manipulation of soil in order to get the desirable condition of the seedbed for seed sowing and have desirable growth of the plant.

Tillage is used to mix the soil and make the land cultivable.There are many tillage that makes cultivation easier like ,Plough, rotavator, harrow, cultivator,power harrow

Seed driller:

Seeding and plantation is the main work on the farms and it is a tedious task. Seed drill is a machine which is used for placing seed in continuous flow at a uniform rate and control the depth with or without covering the soil. The seed drill machine which is equipped with fertilizers dropping arrangements also is called seed cum fertilizer.There are many seeding and Plantation equipment that makes easier our seeding and planting process like Zero drill, Pnematic Planter, Happy Seeder.

Harvesting equipment:

Agriculture Machine

Harvesting is an important part of farming and it can be done using the harvest tool. It fits easily on the tractor and can be operated swiftly.Combine Harvester is an equipment is the major equipment that makes harvesting easy,

combine harvester combines several operations that makes Farming easy:

  • cutting,
  • feeding into threshing mechanism,
  • threshing,
  • cleaning, and discharge of grain into a bulk wagon or directly into bags.