Agricultural Machinery that Makes Modern Farm More Efficient and Productive

Agricultural machinery or farm equipment helps farmers in producing grains and vegetable in fields to feed the world. The farming operations require proper machinery and equipment and without it, farmers would not be able to provide the food and grains on such a large scale.

Years ago, most of the population was primarily farmers and ranchers that used to do farming to earn their livelihood. Nowadays, with multiple career options number of people those in farming out of the total the population has decreased comparatively. But the use of agricultural machinery and equipment allow farmers to produce vegetables, fruits and grains more efficiently in a short amount of time.

Different types of farm machinery and equipment are used in various farming operations in the agricultural industry. And without using the proper machinery and equipment the crop production will not be impossible on such a large scale. From tilling the soil, planting, spreading pesticides and fertilizers to harvesting all of these steps by step activities require specialized farm machinery and equipment such as Plough, seed drills, planters, sprayers, drills, spreaders, combines, balers, grain trucks, tractors and many other machinery and equipment. All this machinery is necessary to produce crops effectively. Below are the names of some machinery that are majorly used in farming activities and operations:

Tractors – Available in different power engines and sizes, Tractors, are the motorized vehicle used to pull heavy loads and providing power to operate other tractor implements. A tractor is the most versatile machinery used for various jobs in agricultural operations. The powerful engines and huge tires enable a tractor to pull heavy farm machinery through the fields.

Tillage Equipment – Plough – Various types of plough such as Disc plough, Mould Board Plough, Reversible Mould Board plough are used to till the soil or preparing the soil for planting before planting seeds. A Plough mixes and turns up the upper layer of soil, exposing it to the sun and air, so that it can absorb the natural minerals and nutrients. It also increases the water-absorbing capacity of the soil that is necessary for ideal plant growth.

Harrow – This is also tillage equipment with spikes and discs and is used to cultivate the soil by smoothing and pulverizing. A Disc Harrow is the most commonly used machinery in India.

Rotary Tiller – A rotary tiller, also known as Rotavator is another most commonly used tillage equipment in various parts of the world and India. It works to loosen & aerate soil up for making a suitable seedbed.

Cultivator – A cultivator helps in killing the weeds between rows of plants and loosening the soil at the same time.

Seeding and Planting Equipment – These equipment are used to spread seeds and fertilizers in the soil.

Disc Seed Drill – A disc seed drill contains different boxes for seed and fertilizer. These are spread through seed tubes in the open furrows.

Multi Crop Row Planter – A Multi-crop Row Planter is used to plant-primarily corn and then many other types of seeds such as Peanuts, Peas, Sunflower etc.

Harvesting Equipment – Harvesting equipment such as mowers and multi-crop harvester are used to harvest various types of crops.

Multi-crop harvester– Also known as combine harvester it works by combining all three steps of harvesting like cutting, threshing and separating grains in one activity. A combine machine is majorly used for harvesting crops of rice, wheat, soybean, oats, sunflower, pulses etc.

Forage Mower – A forage mower is used in harvesting to cut the fodder crops like Sorghum, Millet, Maize, Mustard Oats, etc. to save labour cost and time.

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