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Farmease App- Complete Farm Mechanization Solution

Farmease, farm equipment rental app is all set to open the doors for farmers to access the benefits of modern technology with the best of Farm mechanization. Farm implements have revolutionized the agricultural industry helping to eliminate and reduce the laborious schedules of American farmers and transform them into manufacturers and producers of food grains and other raw material for ... Read More »

Proper Use of Combine Harvester

Proper Use of Combine Harvester

Combine harvester or combine machine is one of the popular agriculture equipment among the farmer. It is primarily used for the harvesting of rice, wheat, paddy, soybean. Combine performs multiple operations like harvesting, threshing and grain cleaning into a single step. Using the proper use of the combined machine we can not only improve the working efficiency but also we can ... Read More »

Why would you invest in corporate wellness programs?

corporate wellness progam

Corporate wellness programs Corporate wellness programs are workplace health promotion activities for employee wellness for creating a meaningful change in an organization. A healthy workforce is most essential for continued financial development, productivity, and sustainable organizational and household income. Corporate wellness programs are specially designed to understand and provide solutions for their health risks, pursue healthy behavior at the workplace, and ... Read More »

Depression Causes, Risk Factors, and Treatment


Though some sicknesses have a particular medical cause, which makes treatment straightforward, depression is something more complicated. Considering depression only of a chemical disturbance in the mind that can be simply treated with medication is wrong. Depression is caused by a combination of psychological, biological, and social factors. In other ways, your lifestyle adoptions, relationships, and surviving skills matter just ... Read More »

Self-Care Strategies for Happiness

Self-Care Strategies for Happiness

In the Modern world Between professional, personal and social responsibilities, do you often recognize that most of your time is spent taking care of others? It is easy to neglect yourself in this busy world, but the consequences can be harmful. Adding some self-care practices into your daily life can increase your levels of happiness, as well as your mental ... Read More »

Power Harrow

Powe Harrow

Power Harrow Power Harrow is a piece of agriculture machine used to turn, brake, refine and even distribution of soil over the entire working width to create a perfect seedbed, It is also known as a secondary tillage implement. There are various types of harrow used in agriculture such as disc harrow, high-speed disc harrow, Extra Heavy Duty Hydraulic Harrow, Hunter Series Mounted, Offset ... Read More »

How can kill depression and anxiety at zero level

How can kill depression and anxiety at zero level

How can kill depression and anxiety at zero level Here are some points listed below that will help you out to kill depression and anxiety at the zero levels. Don’t change yourself as per others, you are a human being so be whatever you are.Always think logical don’t believe in hypothetical things, even don’t believe in anything just because it ... Read More »


tractor rental

Tractor  A tractor is one of the powerful and one of the most popular vehicles specifically designed to deliver a high tractive effort at slow speeds, Tractor is used to haul a trailer or farm machinery used in agriculture or construction activity. In modern Era Tractors are available in different sizes, It is highly versatile pieces of farm machinery. Most of the farm equipment ... Read More »

10 Farming Equipment for Your Hobby Farm

Farming Equipment for Your Hobby Farm

You know that being a farmer, You mush aware of farming equipment and their uses as we there are various options available in the market, it can be tough trying to figure out what you need to buy. I am sharing this list of the farm equipment that you can use to maintain your farm more efficiently.  1. Tractor A ... Read More »

Tractor implements Rental

Tractor Implements

Tractor implements Tractor implements is a piece of farm equipment that is driven with the help of a tractor. there are various types of tractor implements used in agriculture. Tractor implements list #1 – Tractor Loader With Tractor loader you can make double of your tractor productivity, With a loader, you can add a material bucket and you can turn your tractor ... Read More »