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Acrophobia Acrophobia is nothing but irrational fear or phobia of heights or you can simply say that fear of heights Sometimes This fear displays itself in multiple forms. many time when you stand on top of the building and see the vision towards the glass, at that moment it’s going it appears like you are going to fall. Most of ... Read More »

Men and Mental Health | How mental health effect men

men and mental health

“What whiskey will not cure there’s no cure for”, said Ashok as he swirled his drink, the ice clinking against the glass. Rohan nods in agreement and the two men swallow their woes, with the cruel burn running down their throat. Seems familiar? It is to most of the world too! Men around the globe are assumed to be the ... Read More »

BPO Interview Questions

bpo interview questions

BPO BPO meaning – BPO stands for business process outsourcing, there is a common myth that BPO is a call center, BPO is the outsourcing someone for the specific task of any business to a third party are Business Outsourcing Process. Many people take it as a good priority to work because it fulfills the primary productivity in humans. Although ... Read More »

Digger | Post Hole Digger

post hole digger

Posthole digger is a piece of agriculture equipment used to dig holes in farmland. It is a PTO driven implement, work with a tractor, It is the fastest mechanism to Digg the wholes, digger available in different size and shapes. It Digg the holes for plantation, polo standing, etc. Advantages of Post Hole Digger Digger is tractor PTO driven implement ... Read More »

Baler | Baler Machine History


Baler Baler is a piece of agricultural equipment used to harvest hay. Hay mainly includes grasses and other plants called pods. Grass, alfalfa, and clover are common hay crops. These products, used as animal feed, are cut with a mowing machine when they are about 18 inches (46 cm) tall and still green. A hayrake is used to turn the ... Read More »

Love Quotes in Tamil with images

Love Quotes in Tamil Love is one of the greatest emotion observed by a human being, We can’t explain Love in a word or sentence. Love is one of the beautiful feelings in this world it a kind of emotions that we never want to forget. Love is a pleasurable feeling that one person feels for the other. Love doesn’t ... Read More »

Love failure quotes | Love failure quotes images

love failure

Love failure quotes It is a hard but universal truth that love is never a failure, people fail in love, Love failure quotes will reveal how sad you are in the current time when you suffer from the pain of a breakup. Are you feeling sad? If you are really feeling sad then these Love failure quotes are appropriate for ... Read More »

Bowser | Water Bowser

water bowser

Bowser Water Bowser or water is agriculture equipment used for water storage for irrigation, agriculture and as a fire extinguisher during fire hazards and for many other applications. Specifications of Bowser Design of Browser is in an elliptical shape that ensuring a low center of gravity.A sheet partition is provided for tanks in such a way that provides stability against ... Read More »

What does it mean when I say misogyny?


“You can’t play with boys, they are tougher and you are just a girl.” “If you want to go late then you should have been born as a boy.” Every woman once in her life has been made felt that she is below or beneath a man. Whether it is in physical strength, emotionally or when we compete with them. ... Read More »



Rotavator is a tractor drive rotary tillage implement, It use to plow the land by a series of blades that cuts, pulverizes, mixes and level the soil in a single pass, rotavator helps to conserve soil moisture and pulverizes soil up-to 6 inches of depth. It also called rotary tiller, it could be a most economically and effectively be used ... Read More »

Harrow| Disc Harrow

Harrow or Disc Harrow Disc Harrow is a piece of farm equipment widely used for Soil Preparation, planting or sowing by breaking up the clouds and surface crusts, thus improving soil granulation and destroying the weeds. Parts of Disc Harrow Harrow consist of curved cutting blades or Disks, It mounted on a common shaft, that forms a gang. The disc ... Read More »