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Love quotes in Malayalam

love quotes in malayalam

Love is one of the best emotions felt by a human being, It can’t be defined by words or sentences. Someone says love is a source of life, some people feel love is the reason for someone smile, but I think love is a wonderful gift of god every creature. Only love can make our life like heaven. It can ... Read More »

Sugarcane Loader

sugarcane loader

The overall productivity of your farming is in your hands. Take it to the extreme level with the help of fieldking sugar cane loaders. Take charge of your farming income and decide your farming future with the leading teams in the agricultural market leader. Sugarcane Loader is an agriculture machine, it is basically a hydraulically operated mechanized solution use for ... Read More »

Questions to consider when making the decision to lease or purchase

Leasing vs Buying Farm Machinery

Questions to consider when making the decision to Renting or purchase farm Equipment Consider your specific farming needs, explore your financing options, and make an informed decision based on the overall facts. And as your needs change, we can help you determine the right option for the future. Our Farm Equipment Renting options are a low-cost, low-risk alternative to purchasing ... Read More »

Love Quotes in Telugu

Love Quotes in Telugu

Love quotes in telugu Everyone has a different opinion about love, But I think Love is a kind of undefined power by whom human life becomes beautiful, Love is one of the strongest complex set of emotions experienced by humans , love is a base of life, even animal can understand love because it doesn’t require any language or medium ... Read More »

Anxiety Meaning in hindi

Anxiety meaning in hindi

Anxiety Meaning in hindi हिंदी में एंग्जायटी शब्द को चिंता से जाना जाता है। जैसा की हम सभी ने सुना है “चिंता चिता के सामान है” एंग्जायटी या चिंता की परिभाषा अमेरिकन साइकोलॉजिकल एसोसिएशन (एपीए) के अनुसार “तनाव बढ़ने की भावनाओं, चिंतित विचारों और बढ़े हुए दबाव जैसे शारीरिक परिवर्तनों की विशेषता है।” Anxiety meaning in hindi आज कल लोगो ... Read More »

Reversible Plough


Reversible Plough 2 or 3 Furrow Reversible Plough is a piece of unique agriculture equipment, it is directly mounted to the farm tractor. This plough is a hydraulically operated farm implements used for the preparation of land. This plough is ideal for use in hard and dry trashy stumpy land condition and in soil . This plow works on both ... Read More »

Mould Board Plough

Mould Board Plough

Plough is an agriculture machine use to initial cultivation of soil, Mould Board Plough is one of the most important plough for primary tillage in canal flooded or heavy rain areas where too much weeds grow. The shape of mould Board plough is designed in such a way that it cut down the soil and invert it to other side. ... Read More »

Tractor Trailer

Tractor trailer

Tractor Trailer A tractor trailer is the combination of two words, tractor, and trailer, A tractor-trailer is a piece of agriculture equipment primarily used for loading/unloading goods from one place to another. it is a tractor driven agriculture implements. In the modern era of farming, there are many types of a tractor trailer are used Tractor Trailer Type 3 Way ... Read More »



Cultivator A cultivator is an agricultural implements used for seedbed preparation, it also uses for proper cutting and aeration of the soil, which makes the soil ideal for plantation. Cultivators are ideal for light and medium soil, it can work up to the nine inches. Why chose fieldking cultivator? High durabilityTough structureEasy maintenanceHigh corrosion resistanceExcellent performanceA cultivator is easy to ... Read More »

Misogyny | Spot a Misogynists Near You

Misogyny Definition

Misogynists, men hating women. Ya, you heard it right. Have you ever encounter with a man who hates women? Yes you do but you don’t recognize them, They do not appear with a tag added but you can find one. But How? Misogyny First, you need to understand misogyny meaning. What is misogyny? Misogyny as the words of sociologist Allan ... Read More »