Best Rotavator Manufacturer In India

Rotavator is a piece of farm implements, it is used for multiple agriculturer activity like cuts, pulverizes, mixes and level the soil in a single pass, It is used as primary cum secondary tillage equipment, it is also known as rotary tiller, rotavator is most economically and effectively tools for replacement the cultivator, harrow and leveler.

There are many market leader in rotavator manufacturer in India
there are below few best rotavator manufacturer in India-

Filedking Rotavator

Fieldking is one of the best rotavator manufacturers in India and abroad from the last 2 to 3 decades, fieldking are making multiple series of rotavator as per size and uses like robust series, regular series, hobby series, mini-series, beroni series, side shifting rotary tiller, stick shift rotary tiller, fieldking has achieved a rich dealers network around india and world.

Fieldking Rotavator

Shaktiman Rotavators 

Shaktiman rotavator is also one of the market leader in rotavator manufacturer, Shaktiman rotavator models are ideal for different farming work. Shaktiman is also making different types of rotavator like Mini Series, Side sift rotary tiller, Regular Smart, Regular Plus, Semi Champion, Semi Champion plus,Tusker, U Series, Regular Light, Viktor, Champion and Jumbo Series.

shaktiman rotavator

Sonalika Rotavator

Sonalika has recently started to rotavator manufacturing in india, their rotavator is also one of the poplular rotavator in india.

sonalika rotavator


Deashmesh rotavator is also one of the popular rotavator manufacturer company in India, Deashmesh rotavator is ideal for tractor from 40 to 60 HP.

Deashmesh rotavator

Govind Rotavator

Gobind Rotavator is also one of the popular Rotavator in recent year, it is ideal for a tractor having power 30HP to 75HP.