Bowser | Water Bowser


Water Bowser or water is agriculture equipment used for water storage for irrigation, agriculture and as a fire extinguisher during fire hazards and for many other applications.

Specifications of Bowser

  • Design of Browser is in an elliptical shape that ensuring a low center of gravity.
  • A sheet partition is provided for tanks in such a way that provides stability against jerks created by water during transportation.
  • Inside and outside of bowser channel support gives it more rigidity.
  • Bowser is easily transportable as it gets easily mounted with chassis body.

Water Bowser And Water Tankers Keyfeatures

  • Water Bowsers or Water tankers are used for water storage and transportation of potable water.
  • Basically, Water bowsers are PU insulated tanker, in which water can be stored at normal temperature for long periods, when the ambient temperature is as extreme as -30°C or +58°C.
  • In Water Bowser, The average change of water temperature in 24hrs will be less than 2° C when the temperature gradient is as high as 50°C.
  • The constructions of the double tank of bowser will be in such a manner that there will not be any metallic contact between the inner and outer tank.
  • The water Bowser/tank can be of single or multi-compartment type. Each compartment will have independent manhole arrangement with safety devices.
  • Fieldking water tank can be supplied as per the customer requirement and based on the framework selected.

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