How US farmers different from Indian farmers?

Farming Land Sizes In Indian Original Plot of land is divided with the increasing of the family member from one generation to another generation. Due to this average size of the farm is small around 2.3 hectare however in the US around 250 hectares. Educational Qualifications Most of the Indian farmer is simply continued their parent’s professions, In school time ... Read More »

Concept of Mechanised agriculture | FarmEase

Farm Mechanization

Farm mechanization is an upgrade version and the application of engineering and technology in agricultural operation to do a job in a better way to improve farming productivity. This includes various factor like development, application, and management of all mechanical support for field production, water control, material handling, storing and processing. Mechanical benefits include hand tools animal-drawn implements, power tiller, ... Read More »

Farm Equipment: Leasing versus buying

Leasing vs Buying Farm Machinery

Farmers are now technically dependent on the new farm machines to increase the yield. Investment in the machines for the income; comes in mind right away. Some can easily meet the expense of the required machine and other have to manage while getting revenue from the same machine. The main question is- “lease or buy?” Farmers in recent years are ... Read More »

New Agriculture Machine | Advantages of a Rotavator

Tractor Rotavator In Modern Era or agriculture there are many agriculture machines that reducing human effort  and increasing productivity, Rotavator is one of them, Tractor Rotavator  is allowing farmer to prepare the soil without using large amount of human effort. It is used in soil preparation in a perfect manner, Rotavator turns the soil in such a manner that the ... Read More »

New Agriculture Machine Rotavator | Tractor Rotavator Manufacturer

Tractor Rotavator Rotavator use in Agriculture A type of Agriculture machine with rotating blades that will break up soil, as on rough or uncultivated ground, or work surface material into the soil. A Tractor rotavator is a useful Agriculture implements when it comes to soil preparation. Rotavator used in agriculture for Break up the Soil & Land leveling.Preparation of seed ... Read More »

Farm Equipment Manufacturer & Exporter | Fieldking


There are various market leaders available in agriculture equipment manufacturer in India and the world. fieldking is one of them. Beri Udyog Pvt. Ltd. (BUPL), Established in 1978, is a globally renowned manufacturer of Farm Equipment under the brand name FIELDKING. FIELDKING is a brand of choice amongst farmers in India and 100 other countries. We have a diverse range ... Read More »

Combine Harvester

combine harvester

In the era of modern farm mechanization, A multi-crop combine harvester is a very useful agricultural machine that can harvest, winnow, thresh rice, wheat, cole, corn, sunflower, pulses, and other crops right out in the field. Combine can harvest rice or other crops quickly in the field–often it takes 2-4 hectares a day. Combine harvester perform separate harvesting operations—reaping, threshing, ... Read More »

What are the advantages of ploughing the soil?

What are the advantage of ploughing the soil Ploughing has following Advantage: Ploughing  improves air circulation, so that route can respire easily.Root can penetrate deeper into the soil, thus , hold the plant firmly.Ploughing  enhancers the water retaining capacity of the soil.Ploughing uproots the weeds growing in the field and aids in the growth of microbes.Allows the plant roots to ... Read More »

Modern Agriculture machine & their uses

List of Agricultural Machinery And Its Uses Mechanization in the agricultural process has played an important role over the years. Now the use of Agriculture Implements and their usage has not only enhanced farm productivity but also making agricultural more environmental friendly. Combine Harvester Importance of Agricultural Machinery Agricultural mechanization not only involves the technical aspects but also strengthens the value ... Read More »

Transforming Agriculture and Empowering Farmers

India incorporates a distinctive and compelling opportunity! Given the spirit of our entrepreneurial farmers, the scientific talent in our agriculture business and therefore the second-largest farming acres globally, if we are able to increase crop yields through technologically driven agricultural farm solutions, we are able to succeed food security domestically and be a positive contributor to serving to meet the world’s agricultural desires. The effects of global climate change threaten agriculture, particularly in developing country like India wherever farming is ... Read More »

Best rotary tiller for Farming

Rotavator Fieldking Rotary Tiller is better as it saves time, fuel, soil compaction & wear and tear of the tractor as it accomplishes better pulverization in no time. And with Fieldking Rotavator  now no need for multiple operations of the cultivator, disc harrow, and leveler. Robust Multi Speed Rotary Tillers is economical series and it can be coupled with 30 to ... Read More »

Agricultural machinery: Production in growth

In Modern Era of Agriculture there are various agriculture machine or agriculture equipment which play a major role in development of Agriculture productivity, and reduce our time and human effort. There are many advantage of agriculture machines all these can be grouped in following points. Reducing human drudgery.Increasing productivity, improving timeliness of agricultural operations such as planting and harvesting.Completing certain ... Read More »