Digital Marketing

How to Create Universal App Campaign in Google Adwords

Universal app campaign is a unique feature of Google AdWords by whom we can promote your application. There is following below step to how to create universal App Campaign on Google AdWords:– Sign in Your Google AdWords Account Click on Campaign Tab, and then navigate to Universal App Campaign Give a Campaign name Select app that you have to promote from ... Read More »

How to Create Remarketing list in Google AdWords?

  Remarketing list is a unique features of Google AdWords, by which we can create audience list who have visited specific page of your website, by whom we can re target your audience according to your need. There is following below step to create remarketing list:   Login to Your Google AdWords Account. Open to the shared library Click on ... Read More »

Traditional SEO Vs Modern SEO

Traditional SEO  Keyword stuffing .Backlinks, backlinks & Some more backlinks (Quantity) Page Rank. Writing 500-800 words in your post well get you high rank on SERP Make your primary keyword as anchor text for most of the backlinks No difference in search results of mobile and desktop SERP Local SEO is also important Modern SEO Relevant content that provides value ... Read More »

Benefits of online Advertising and AdWords?

Online advertisement or AdWords allow to people to show your ad to your targeted Audience who are interested in your product and services. We can track whether those people have a track you add or not. Google AdWords gives you the opportunity to reach potential customers. AdWords offers several benefits, but here are the key ones: Target your ads: We ... Read More »

How to increase your facebook page reach ?

Log in to your social media account Go to your social media page Ex: Click on promote   Go to promote your page Here we can Add creative by default it will promote your timeline image In add creative we can do following setup: Can add creative description about your post [length of your post will be 90 character] ... Read More »

How can design professional blog using wordpress.

In modern era blogging is a way to share our thought to people, There are various categories of people making their own blog to represent their company business, their community their lifestyle, The blog is also a unique way to promote our business, apart from this we can also earn money by Adsense or affiliate marketing. In this article I ... Read More »

Difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing?

When we do marketing activity using electronic gadgets like Laptop, mobile, desktop etc over the internet is called digital marketing While when we do marketing activity using advertisement, newsletters, banners, hoardings, billboards, newspaper prints add, is called traditional marketing Digital marketing over tradition marketing Digital marketing is two ways marketing approach while traditional marketing is single ways communications approach. Whenever ... Read More »