How to Deal With Coronavirus Anxiety

covide 19 anxiety

How to Deal With Coronavirus Anxiety Fear increases uncertainty. The longstanding principle of fear has thrived off our population for decades and seen surges with unexpected outbreaks such as the Coronavirus. The novel disease or coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak, has created a country-wide panic and uncertainty. The disease has caused a quite visible disturbance with increasing levels of anxiety because ... Read More »

Why would you invest in corporate wellness programs?

corporate wellness progam

Corporate wellness programs Corporate wellness programs are workplace health promotion activities for employee wellness for creating a meaningful change in an organization. A healthy workforce is most essential for continued financial development, productivity, and sustainable organizational and household income. Corporate wellness programs are specially designed to understand and provide solutions for their health risks, pursue healthy behavior at the workplace, and ... Read More »

Depression Causes, Risk Factors, and Treatment


Though some sicknesses have a particular medical cause, which makes treatment straightforward, depression is something more complicated. Considering depression only of a chemical disturbance in the mind that can be simply treated with medication is wrong. Depression is caused by a combination of psychological, biological, and social factors. In other ways, your lifestyle adoptions, relationships, and surviving skills matter just ... Read More »

Self-Care Strategies for Happiness

Self-Care Strategies for Happiness

In the Modern world Between professional, personal and social responsibilities, do you often recognize that most of your time is spent taking care of others? It is easy to neglect yourself in this busy world, but the consequences can be harmful. Adding some self-care practices into your daily life can increase your levels of happiness, as well as your mental ... Read More »

How can kill depression and anxiety at zero level

How can kill depression and anxiety at zero level

How can kill depression and anxiety at zero level Here are some points listed below that will help you out to kill depression and anxiety at the zero levels. Don’t change yourself as per others, you are a human being so be whatever you are.Always think logical don’t believe in hypothetical things, even don’t believe in anything just because it ... Read More »

Trauma, How To Deal With It?


Life always not go so easy for everyone, Stress, and heartache both come in a fair amount but sometimes anyone can experience not just stress, sadness or grief, but actual trauma and this is the bad thing. Trauma like a natural disaster, motor vehicle collisions, stabbing and gunshot wound etc, The result of experiencing such events is called post-traumatic stress ... Read More »



Acrophobia Acrophobia is nothing but irrational fear or phobia of heights or you can simply say that fear of heights Sometimes This fear displays itself in multiple forms. many time when you stand on top of the building and see the vision towards the glass, at that moment it’s going it appears like you are going to fall. Most of ... Read More »

Men and Mental Health | How mental health effect men

men and mental health

“What whiskey will not cure there’s no cure for”, said Ashok as he swirled his drink, the ice clinking against the glass. Rohan nods in agreement and the two men swallow their woes, with the cruel burn running down their throat. Seems familiar? It is to most of the world too! Men around the globe are assumed to be the ... Read More »

What does it mean when I say misogyny?


“You can’t play with boys, they are tougher and you are just a girl.” “If you want to go late then you should have been born as a boy.” Every woman once in her life has been made felt that she is below or beneath a man. Whether it is in physical strength, emotionally or when we compete with them. ... Read More »