Anxiety Meaning in hindi

Anxiety meaning in hindi

Anxiety Meaning in hindi हिंदी में एंग्जायटी शब्द को चिंता से जाना जाता है। जैसा की हम सभी ने सुना है “चिंता चिता के सामान है” एंग्जायटी या चिंता की परिभाषा अमेरिकन साइकोलॉजिकल एसोसिएशन (एपीए) के अनुसार “तनाव बढ़ने की भावनाओं, चिंतित विचारों और बढ़े हुए दबाव जैसे शारीरिक परिवर्तनों की विशेषता है।” Anxiety meaning in hindi आज कल लोगो ... Read More »

Misogyny | Spot a Misogynists Near You

Misogyny Definition

Misogynists, men hating women. Ya, you heard it right. Have you ever encounter with a man who hates women? Yes you do but you don’t recognize them, They do not appear with a tag added but you can find one. But How? Misogyny First, you need to understand misogyny meaning. What is misogyny? Misogyny as the words of sociologist Allan ... Read More »

Sapiosexual meaning in hindi

Sapiosexual Meaning Sapiosexual is a combination of two Latin words sapiens and sexualis , sapiens means wise or intelligent, and sexualis means related sexes. A sapiosexual, or less popularly called as sapiophile, is a particular individual who is attracted by the intelligence of other people. A person who is sapiosexuals always prefers more intelligence more than any other quality in ... Read More »

Sapiosexual |Sapiosexual Meaning | Define Sapiosexual | Sapiosexuality


Sapiosexual Sapiosexual is a combination of two words Sapio and Sexual, sometimes it used as an adjective like A person a sexually attracted to an intelligent person.sometimes it uses a noun like attracted to the intelligent human mind. Sapiosexual is very common among man and woman, it creates during intelligent communication, knowledge about particular subject or topic, a strong opinion ... Read More »

What Is Agitated Depression And How Can It Be Treated?

What Is Agitated Depression? Depression is a serious medical state of feeling helpless, sad, or hopeless. Although, there are various common symptoms related to depression, yet people can experience depression differently. One such form of depression is Agitated depression. It is a common mental illness that involves the symptoms like anger and restlessness. A person who suffers from this type ... Read More »

How Self Realization Leads You to a Better Help

How Self Realization Leads You to a Better Help Everyone has experienced an emotional setback in life and it is completely normal to feel sad or lonely, but counseling comes into the picture when you are drawn in that sadness or loneliness. However, these days there are several medicinal help available out there, but getting help from a qualified therapist ... Read More »