3 Different Types of Tractors Used in Agriculture

In the era of mechanization, we use several types of farm machinery to do tasks and save our energy. Tractors are one of the most important tools for farmers. It would be right if we that no modern Agriculture is complete without a farm tractor. The tractor is mainly used for agriculture activity or other construction activity to pull the ... Read More »

Sugarcane Loader

sugarcane loader

The overall productivity of your farming is in your hands. Take it to the extreme level with the help of fieldking sugar cane loaders. Take charge of your farming income and decide your farming future with the leading teams in the agricultural market leader. Sugarcane Loader is an agriculture machine, it is basically a hydraulically operated mechanized solution use for ... Read More »

Best Rotavator for Indian farmers?

Rotavator Fieldking rotavator is better as it saves fuel, Time, soil compaction & wear and tear of the tractor as it accomplishes better pulverization in no time. And with Robust Multi Speed now no need for multiple operations of the cultivator, disc harrow, and leveler. Fielding Rotary Tillers is economical series and it can be coupled with 30 to 60 ... Read More »

What are the advantages of ploughing the soil?

What are the advantage of ploughing the soil Ploughing has following Advantage: Ploughing  improves air circulation, so that route can respire easily.Root can penetrate deeper into the soil, thus , hold the plant firmly.Ploughing  enhancers the water retaining capacity of the soil.Ploughing uproots the weeds growing in the field and aids in the growth of microbes.Allows the plant roots to ... Read More »

Profile Creation Website List

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What is the difference between a disc plough and a disc harrow?

Disc Plough & Disc Harrow is an Agriculture Machine that play a major role in our agricultures productivity, it save our time & money and Human effort, There is a major difference between these agriculture implements: Disc Plough It is a primary tillage implement with an individual disk of size 60cm or 90cm connected to stub axis. The disk angle and tilt ... Read More »