In the era of modern farm mechanization, A multi-crop combine harvester is a very useful agricultural machine that can harvest, winnow, thresh Rice, Wheat, Cole, Corn, sunflower, pulses, and other crops right out in the field.

Combine can harvest rice or other crops quickly in the field–often it takes 2-4 hectares a day.

Combine harvester perform separate harvesting operations—reaping, threshing, and winnowing—into a single process

Combine perform crop cutting operation in such a manner that it can save time as well as human effort, and bring down work costs for farmers. In addition, these Agriculture implements can increase agricultural productivity since the harvesting is carried out in a more efficient manner, and this, in turn, can make farming more profitable.

Benefits of Combine Harvesters

1. Cutting of crop from the field

2. The combine harvester is used to separate the seed from the straw and cleaning

3. It also use to collect the grain in container

2. Threshing operation to separate grain and straw

3. Then cleaning operation to separate leftover the straw and other field impurities

4. Packing in the bags

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