Concept of Mechanised agriculture | FarmEase

Farm mechanization is an upgrade version and the application of engineering and technology in agricultural operation to do a job in a better way to improve farming productivity. This includes various factor like development, application, and management of all mechanical support for field production, water control, material handling, storing and processing.

Mechanical benefits include hand tools animal-drawn implements, power tiller, tractor, and electric motors, processing and hauling equipment.

Farm mechanization does not mean the use of only heavy machines and tractors for farm work. Mechanization is a need-based process which provides sufficient time gap for self-adjustment of various inputs without causing the sudden impact of changes.

Stages of agricultural development and level of mechanization are:

  • Manual farming
  • Using manual tools for agriculture
  • farming Using animal for implements and machines
  • Using animal and mechanical power combined
  • Using mechanical power
  • Automatic machines

The entire history of agriculture contains several samples of the employment of tools, like the Combine Harvest and therefore the plough, however, the continued integration of machines since the commercial Revolution has allowed farming to become a lot of less effortful.

Current mechanized agriculture includes the employment of tractors, Plough, Combine harvesters, incalculable sorts of farm implements extend yields.

Mechanization was one among the massive factors answerable for urbanization and industrial economies. Besides up production potency, mechanization encourages giant scale production and generally will improve the standard of farm manufacture. On the opposite hand, it will displace unskilled farm labor and might cause environmental degradation (such as pollution, deforestation, and soil erosion), particularly if it’s applied shortsightedly instead of holistically.

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