Disc Harrow Overview, use Parts

Harrowing is one of the important features of soil preparation by farmers. It uses the leveling of heavy soil to destroying dead grass and to preparing the seedbed for root aeration. farmers should invest in quality harrows equipment for sale to increase farming production. Disc harrow helps in breaking up pieces of soil in an easy, efficient, and fast manner and makes ideal for seedbed preparation.

Disc Harrows: In the era of mechanization Disc Harrow is one of the important piece of farm equipment widely used for seed bed preperation, lanting or sowing by breaking up the clouds and surface crusts, thus improving soil granulation and destroying the weeds.

disc harrow

Use of Disc Harrow

There are various use of disc harrow some of them listed below:

  • Used for Seedbed Preparation.
  • Breaking the clods
  • Aerates soil
  • Destroying weeds
  • Pulverizing the soil or thoroughly mixing the soil
  • Covering seeds after broadcasting

Parts of Disc Harrow:

Disc harrow is specially designed it consist of curved cutting blades or Disks, It mounted on a common shaft, that forms a gang. There are below parts of disc harrow

  • Frame– It supports the disc harrow
  • Disc- It is like a circular curved cutting blade made by steel. There are two types of discs:

         Smooth edge disc; It also called plain edge disc, It consists of plain discs and ideally used for normal soil conditions

  • Notched edge disc– It also called cut-away discs or scalloped edge discs with serrated edges; widely used for cutting crop residuals and weeds
  •  Arbor bolt: It also called gang bolt, It is a long heavy steel shaft where discs are mounted
  • Spool or spacer: It is a major component mounted on arbor bolt between every two discs to retain their fixed position it prevents any lateral movement of the disc harrow.
  • Bearings; It is an essential component for giving rotation of the gang and setting the thrust
  • Bumper- It is a heavy iron plate located at the end of each gang to counter; it protects the discs from the collision of adjacent discs
  • Scraper– It uses to removes the soil from the disks, it also keeps the concave side of the disk clean, thus preventing the clogging of the discs
  • Disc gang– each group of disks mounted on a common arbor bolt with disc spacer, bearing, and bumper; may consist of 3 to 13 discs
  • Weight box– It attached with the frame to create additional weight for the sake of increasing the penetration of the disc into the soil