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Farmease, farm equipment rental app is all set to open the doors for farmers to access the benefits of modern technology with the best of Farm mechanization. Farm implements have revolutionized the agricultural industry helping to eliminate and reduce the laborious schedules of American farmers and transform them into manufacturers and producers of food grains and other raw material for foodstuff rather than simple growers. Easy to use and durable, the latest farm equipment take cultivation, harvesting and post-harvesting work of farmers to the next level with enhanced monitoring and control. These help the farmers to produce more yield from the same land while also giving them more time to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Farmease streamlines and digitalizes access to this futuristic technology for the farmers without huge investments on pay per use basis.

 “Farmease is a move to serve the farming community and give them an opportunity to experience the precision and power that technological advancements offer. It is supported by a highly professional team who bring their expertise and experience in the Farm equipment industry on a digital platform.” – says Vikram Beri, founder of Farmease

Farmease is being launched with an idea to extend the reach of modern advancements in Farm equipment to all strata of farmers and optimize their production, efficiency and sustainability. The App and the rental services are to be launched in the US where many small and medium farmers are unable to resource sophisticated Farm equipment due to high costs although that could have surely made their lives much easier.

With its intervention, Farmease aims to help such farmers speed up their cultivation process while reducing overall expenditure. Farmease is all set to be one of the most organized farm equipment rental App in US that will connect users with dealers and equipment owners to buy/sell/rent Farm implements.

According to the FCA Economic Report, Office of Regulatory Policy, Agricultural and Economic Policy Team, although farm equipment forms the second largest asset of farmers, the major chunk of Inventory value for Farm implements in the US is concentrated in large farms. At the mid and small level of farmers, the penetration of farm machinery is poor since the costs of farm machinery is exorbitant or it does not make business sense for some farmers to invest in farm implements for seasonal use.

As a result, the rental market sector for these equipments is gaining wide acclaim. According to the latest Global Market Research of Farm Equipment Rental Market by 2023 the rental market size for Farm equipment is anticipated to reach US $11.21 billion. The growing popularity of Renting farm equipment is due to several benefits apart from just access to latest technology. The overall cost reduction is huge in case of renting since costs of purchasing are very high. Besides, the farmers do not have to bear any maintenance and repair costs since these are borne by the renting farmer/company. Not only that, renting also gives farmers ample time to try out various Brands and models practically in case they wish to make an investment and purchase farm machinery in future.

As Farmease, USA’s foremost organized rental Mobile App, announced its foray into the agricultural equipment rental services with the launch at World Ag Expo, Tulare, California the company’s executive director, Vikram Beri pointed out, “Technology has the power to transform. Brilliant ideas combined with technology can change the future of any sector. Farmease is here to do just that for the farming community of US and contribute to growth of the nation with digital empowerment of the farmers.”

Farmease is a new age online market place for rental farm equipment that will help farmers meet their mechanization needs. Since it is a Mobile based App, it has far more reach and penetration helping farmers whenever wherever they are in need of farm machinery.

The working model of Farmease is convenient and simple to use. It offers a digital platform to connect dealers, owners and small time farmers who need to use farm implements.

The dealers can purchase farm equipment such as tractors setting up a hub for operations. Farmease will connect them to the users, process orders and facilitate the renting process. Similarly owners of farm equipment such as those with large farms or hobby owners can also use the Farmease dedicated App, to optimize their utilization of the farm machinery. The App will connect them to small farmers who wish to use farm machinery without investing and help these owners to earn few extra bucks.

The small and medium farmers who can use the Farmease App to access advanced technology machinery can boost their production and reach high levels of prosperity without too much investment. Using a convenient digital platform they can connect with dealers and fellow farmers to negotiate and rent equipment in accordance to their requirements.

Nicholas, a small time farmer from Texas, USA, is pretty excited. “The Farmease App can mean a lot to farmers like me. Farming is not an easy job. Apart from the physical labour, there are several areas requiring financial inputs leading to pressure and debt burdens. Renting offers an easy alternative to investment in farm machinery. But obviously, so far this platform was not so easily available or well organized. With the Farmease App, our expectations are in full bloom and we look forward to the App hoping it will put pedal to the metal and help to boost our production and efficiency.”

With the launch date fast approaching, the farming community has all its eyes set on their mobile screens, waiting to download and use the App for good. Farmers are hoping that the App will help them boost outputs while keeping costs and environmental impact in check.

Farmease App is surely to keep that promise bringing all stake holders of the farm industry on one platform along with all kinds of heavy equipment including Tillage, Landscaping, Seeding, Plantation and many more. Becoming an Uber of Farm equipment, Farmease is all prepared to rejuvenate and revamp the farming sector.

Farmease Mobile App, Everything farmers need to feed the world!!!!!

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