Harrow| Disc Harrow

Harrow or Disc Harrow

Disc Harrow is a piece of farm equipment widely used for Soil Preparation, planting or sowing by breaking up the clouds and surface crusts, thus improving soil granulation and destroying the weeds.

Parts of Disc Harrow

Harrow consist of curved cutting blades or Disks, It mounted on a common shaft, that forms a gang. The disc harrow consists of the following parts-

  • Frame– It holds and uses to supports the disc harrow
  • Disc– It is a circular curved cutting blade made by steel. There are two types of discs
  • Smooth edge disc– It also called plain edge disc, It consists of plain discs and ideally used for normal soil conditions
  • Notched edge disc- It also called cut-away discs or scalloped edge discs with serrated edges; widely used for cutting crop residuals and weeds
  • Arbor bolt- It also called gang bolt, It is a long heavy steel shaft where discs are mounted
  • Spool or spacer- It is a major component mounted on arbor bolt between every two discs to retain their fixed position it prevents any lateral movement of the disc harrow
  • Bearings– It is an essential component for giving rotation of the gang and setting the thurst
  • Bumper- It is a heavy iron plate located at the end of each gang to counter; it protects the discs from the collision of adjacent discs
  • Scraper– It uses to removes the soil from the disks, it also keeps the concave side of the disk clean, thus preventing the clogging of the discs
  • Disc gang- each group of disks mounted on a common arbor bolt with disc spacer, bearing, and bumper; may consist of 3 to 13 discs
  • Weight box- It attached with the frame to create additional weight for the sake of increasing the penetration of the disc into the soil

Types of Disc Harrows

Disc harrows can be classified according to the type of mounting used with the tractor like it is mounted or semi-mounted or trailed, as well as by the size of the disc

As per disc harrow dimension, there are three different disc harrows:-

  • Light disc harrows; It which disc diameter of 20-30 cm
  • Middle disc harrows-It consist disc diameter of 30-50 cm
  • Heavy disc harrows- It consist disc diameter of more than 60cm

Other Types of harrow-

There are below types of a harrow on the basic of mounted and use as per soil conditions-

  • High-Speed Disc Harrow Pro
  • High-Speed Disc Harrow
  • Ultra Series Heavy Duty Hydraulic Harrow
  • Extra Heavy Duty Hydraulic Harrow
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Harrow
  • Robust Poly Disc Harrow / Plough
  • Poly Disc Harrow / Plough
  • Compact Model Disc Harrow
  • Mounted Offset Disc Harrow
  • Dabangg Harrow
  • Tandem Disc Harrow Heavy Series
  • Tandem Disc Harrow Medium Series
  • Tandem Disc Harrow Light Series
  • Tandem Disc Harrow Heavy Series
  • Trailed Offset Disc Harrow (With Tyre)
  • UP Model Disc Harrow
  • Tandem Disc Harrow Medium Series-USA
  • Hunter Series Mounted Offset Disc

The factor must be considered while purchasing Harrow or Disc Harrow

While purchasing a disc harrow, it is very important to look for one that will perform your agriculture work in a proper manner and work properly for a longer period of time. The right disc harrow will efficiently perform your agriculture job.

The factor that should keep in mind before buying harrow
Here are some key points to keep in mind while buying new disc harrow.

  • Buy the USA standard Disc harrow-The quality of the USA made standard are high, there are some company like fieldking making USA standard harrow, this attachment can greatly exceed a Chinese made farm implement. Fieldking used quality material in welds, construction like a reputable USA based company
  • Check the angle of the gangs-The angle of the gangs is a major factor of harrow, so it should be angled as much as possible, or adjustable. If the gangs are in a fixed position than that will not move, it will go over the ground very smoothly, but due to angle gang it not tear into the soil as much as needed. The angle of the gangs is what gives a disc harrow its bite. An adjustable Disc harrow will allow you to set the perfect angle as per soil conditions. So we must Choose a harrow that can be easily adjusted without any hassle and save our time and frustration.
  • Heavy equals better-Tractors that do not have downforce on the three-point hitch, so it is very important to get a harrow that weighs enough to push the discs into the soil.
  • Know what style discs you need- Most disc harrows are offered with smooth discs. If your ground is hard or clay-like ground conditions, the notched discs are ideal for you. If your ground sandy, a smooth disc will give you the performance that you need. Keep in mind the style of discs can be mixed as per requirement by the manufacturer
  • Ease of use-It said to that harrows require high maintenance. for the shake of disc harrow a lifetime attachment, you should to keep bolts tightened and axles lubricated. you should also change the parts after sometimes it not in working conditions

I hope all the point will help while buying harrow, some other thing like the market price is also a factor that keeps in mind while purchasing.

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