How can kill depression and anxiety at zero level

Here are some points listed below that will help you out to kill depression and anxiety at the zero levels.

  • Don’t change yourself as per others, you are a human being so be whatever you are.
  • Always think logical don’t believe in hypothetical things, even don’t believe in anything just because it was happening in your past.
  • Always believe that there is nothing bad in this world only your way of thinking makes that good or bad
  • Keep trying to build confidence so make start this slowly.
  • Don’t feel hesitate too much, do open talk and discuss the issue then you will come to a resolution
  • Always keep in mind that you must have someone in your life whom you can discuss anything even worst to worst or good to good.
  • Taking advice from multiple people might be dangerous sometimes because different people different thought, always take the advice from the person who is more intelligent than you and much experienced.
  • Explore many things so that you know what is your passion.
  • Passion is nothing but something that we can do 24 hours without taking eat, without taking money but not feel tired.
  • Don’t do judge people in short time spend some time then decide.
  • As we are a human being and everybody does mistake and learn from a mistake, so we should not worry about those mistakes.
  • If still, it did not work then you should take online depression counselling or online depression counselling, As we are aware that online psychologist is very much capable to advise you regarding the mental issue, so they will help you out by online therapy.
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