In the Era of farm mechanization, there are many farm equipment uses in agriculture,

Plough is one of them, there are many types of plow used in agriculture in different ways, It used with a tractor, there is a hydraulic lift system raising and lowering them once the tractor turns around, or crosses a terrace, road, or obstacle.

Plough is used to break the hard soil, to cultivate plants, to roll soil over to include plant matter into the soil and to make terraces.

There are disc plough, subsoilers, mb plough, cultivators, and Reversible MB Plough, combine harvester, Rotavator

These tools ought to be organized properly to work. they need to interact the soil at the proper angle, at the proper depth, and force at the optimum speed to try and do their job. It isn’t extremely a technical talent, it’s simply a learned talent that farmer acquire from expertise. The previous days of Plowing or Tilling with a mule or oxen were similar, the farmer would raise or lower the handles of the beam to force the plow deeper or raise it shallower. I don’t miss those days, despite the fact that I designed, own, and use a push plow still to the present day.