Remarketing list is a unique features of Google AdWords, by which we can create audience list who have visited specific page of your website, by whom we can re target your audience according to your need.

There is following below step to create remarketing list:


  1. Login to Your Google AdWords Account.
  2. Open to the shared library
  3. Click on Audience Manager under shared library
  4. Then click on Audience lists
  5. For add your website list click on plus icon and select website visitors we can also select mobile app user, customer Email or YouTube user for making other audience list
  6. Now Enter a Remarketing List name
  7. Then after we can add list name of our website pages
  8. Select a set of you of visitors from drop down menu, add the condition of web page from which you have to collect cookies, then click on ADD.
  9. Enter list side, and set the duration, you can set date up to 540.
  10. Enter Description of your Audience which is not mandatory.
  11. Then Click on Create Audience
  12. Create Remarketing tag inside tag sector and put it on to the website body tag as per given image.

On Similar pattern we can create remarketing list for a particular page, or a group of audience who have visited one page but not visited another page.