Universal app campaign is a unique feature of Google AdWords by whom we can promote your application.

There is following below step to how to create universal App Campaign on Google AdWords:

  1. Sign in Your Google AdWords Account
  2. Click on Campaign Tab, and then navigate to Universal App Campaign
  3. Universal App campaign Create
  4. Give a Campaign name
  5. Select app that you have to promote from drop down
  6. campaign Name
  7. In Add section write up to four line of text which will rotate in yours add, it’s also depend on your add format.
  8. App Content
  9. Upload image for add the maximum size of image should be 150KB, you can add up to 20 images.
  10. You can also put video for video add, you can place up to 20 video add.
  11. video add placement
  12. Then after we can select a targeted location where you have to show your app, we can also select language but it makes sure that AdWords doesn’t translate yours adds, so select language in which your app created.
  13. Then Click on campaign Optimization
  14. At last Select your budget CPI (Cost per install) and and whole budget
  15. Campaign Budget
  16. Save and Continue.