How to Deal With Coronavirus Anxiety

How to Deal With Coronavirus Anxiety

Fear increases uncertainty. The longstanding principle of fear has thrived off our population for decades and seen surges with unexpected outbreaks such as the Coronavirus.

The novel disease or coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak, has created a country-wide panic and uncertainty. The disease has caused a quite visible disturbance with increasing levels of anxiety because of panic and fear. Driven by social media and widespread half-truth, the stresses are not only noticeable but also dampen down your immune system extending chances of grasping on the unidentified- and not predictably the virus itself!

According to health experts in such situations, public health organizations need to provide only the right information to make the people aware of the science behind the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak and ways to prevent it. They believe that people need not get inadequate information, and take necessary precaution and to work in the direction of pushing back the fear and anxiety.

How to Manage Coronavirus Anxiety

  • Read and get aware of what’s authentic
  • Get Prepared
  • Manage your stress
  • Practice Anxiety Management Techniques

1. Read and get aware about what’s authentic –

It is not about those WhatsApp forwarded messages. It is necessary to be aware but try to read by reaching out to the authentic sources. Read and spread the right information about COVID-19 or coronavirus from some authentic organizations like BBC, WHO, and Forbes as these put up the news as directed by right sources.

2. Get Prepared

Anxiety boosts a lack of control. Getting the right information will make you more aware of the situation and will help in taking the correct precautions such as thorough hand washing, sanitizing, maintaining social distance. You may consider reaching out to medical helplines through phone if you experience mild symptoms and follow the suggestions.

3. Manage Your Stress

Stress and anxiety can cause you to have sleepless nights or restrict you from having healthy meals. Your anxiety can make your immune system weak so it is necessary to manage your stress and anxiety to protect your mental health just like you protect your physical health by creating an active lifestyle, with some exercise, drinking sufficient water etc. Keep a check on your thought and keep yourself busy in activities you like. These will help you build a strong immune system and managing your stress.

  • Practice these grounding technique when you feel anxious – notice 3 things around you, 2 sounds or voices that you can hear, and 1 thing that you can touch.
  • Differentiate in Reality Vs Assumption
  • Avoid Catastrophizing. Try finding out the probability of possibility you’re obsessed about. Check the data about your own location. Help yourself right away.

Be any situation, either a pandemic virus is there or not, these healthy tips or steps will help you in managing your fears and anxiety caused by any reasons in life.

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