Depression Help

If you have a friend or a loved one who is dealing with depression. You may eager to help them. Might be the person not voice out as to what they need that can help them deal better because it is a part of depression. Actually that time Your loved one is dealing with lots of emotions and thoughts at a moment and is frustrated to deal with it. Here I am suggesting a list of things that you can him to deal with depression in a proper manner.


As we know a true friend is a medicine of life, he always wants to share his happiness, Sorrow with his friend, so due to this, we can know from which situation your loved one is going.
Hence i suggested that you make yourself familiar with what depression is. It is a particular disorder which has roots of chemical imbalance, it is not just a mood out of which an individual can snap out as and when needed. Be aware of the signs, causes, and treatment.


There will be times when your loved one is going through a difficult depressive situation,
It is the time that you need to show your support to them by listening. It has to be without biases and judgments, let them talk their heart out. If instead of talking your friend wants to sit in silence in your presence, be comfortable with that silence. as we should understand should not just be verbal it can be non-verbal as well such as a hug, a touch on the shoulder, or sitting in silence with them.


Be prepared you may receive an adverse reaction from your friend. At times your loved one may be dealing with rejection or nervous to accept that they are undergoing depression and as a result, they might backlash on you for helping them. You need to understand and accept them during these times. Let them move in their pace and work on depression.


We all have that internal urge to help our loved ones, to make them feel better. But it is not in our hand as to how others will feel. You might feel strongly to “fix their problems”, “provide a solution” to them, but you need to know each person has their own pace of dealing with depression. Offer support by saying things like “I understand it must be tough”, “I am here for you when you are ready to talk”, “You do not have to deal with this alone” etc. Try to limit questions, do not give them a solution, have patience when dealing with them.


Depression impacts the self-worth of a person, it makes them question their own strengths. In such a state be a voice for your friend, encourage them and make them believe themselves.

Remind them of their strengths and achievements such as “You are a great singer, I admire the courage that you have to face an audience when you sing on a stage”.


It is very satisfying when someone trusts you enough to let them peak you in their intimate life. Your loved one has taken the risk and shared their worst phase with you. Treat them with respect and respect their right to confidentiality. Do not engage in cocktail party discussion about your friend. Seek permission before providing their information to someone else unless there is a suicidal risk is involved. If they lose trust on you they might not seek help again and it would validate their thoughts of lack of self-worth and guilt.

if you still feel there is a problem then you can connect with a mental therapist, he will provide you online depression counselling