How US farmers different from Indian farmers?

Farming Land Sizes

In Indian Original Plot of land is divided with the increasing of the family member from one generation to another generation. Due to this average size of the farm is small around 2.3 hectare however in the US around 250 hectares.

US Farm

Educational Qualifications

Most of the Indian farmer is simply continued their parent’s professions, In school time they might receive basic education but they don’t have any education related to farming.

But in the case of US farmer mostly they are well educated, most of them are specialized in Agriculture during his college day. They are aware of the latest trend of agriculture.

Farming Methods

Indian is a developing country but still it labor-oriented, most of the farmers still use the traditional method like plowing with bullocks. But in the US it advance machinery oriented.

They use an advance farming machine like a combine harvester, seeder, post hole digger, rotavator. Due to this farm labor is very less compared to India.

In India still farming depend on weather conditions people mostly plant 2 or 3 crops in a year, however in the US they are not dependent on weather conditions, they use the advanced system for irrigationĀ  and they grow many crops in a year soybeans, beetroot, in addition to wheat, etc

Agriculture Output

Due to advance technology, better irrigation system, pesticide per hectare productivity of US farmer is more compared to Indian farmer. 

Example: they producing 7.8 tones rice per hectare but in India production of rice is 3 tonnes per hectare.

After farm mechanization many modern agriculture machines is available on rent in the US, however in India, it is not available on that level, Due to this small scale of farmer use to take farm equipment on rent for farming activity, this is another factor that increases farming productivity.