1. Log in to your social media account
  2. Go to your social media page

Ex: https://www.facebook.com/chirkutidea/

  1. Click on promote


  1. Go to promote your page
  2. Here we can Add creative by default it will promote your timeline image

In add creative we can do following setup:

  • Can add creative description about your post [length of your post will be 90 character]
  • We can add image and we can also upload video according to requirement

  1. We can customize our audience

We can target our customer in following way:

  • We can show our add on gender basis
  • Can also define the age group who can see ur add
  • We can target location where you can show your add


  • Can also select people on the basis of their interest

  • We can exclude people on the basis of demography, interest, behavior


  1. Budget and duration

         In this step we define our budget and duration in which you have to show you add.

  1. Payment: At last we have to make payment