Indian education system: Is it accomplishing the genuine aims and getting properly educated Indians?

Indian Education System
Indian Education System

Our Prime Minister says it is the Youngisthan; the land of more than 234 million (15 to 25 yrs) young Indians, but our history says it is the land of Veda, the land of knowledge. Quantity vs Quality is the basic difference between this two statements. Perhaps that’s why our PM roaring for a Skilled India, dreaming for an educated youngisthan but the truth is far behind.

We are the pioneer of the concept of University but one out of seven of us can reach up to those gates of colleges. It is shocking that 13.8% (18.5 million out of 234 million) of our Youngisthan can step their foot in the higher education centers, where the percentage is more than 75 in all developed countries. It is a matter of shame for us that our Gross Enrollment Ratios (GER) is the poorest in this world. You might be thinking that those you guys don’t have that much of capability to go far for higher studies but the true is even bitterer than your thoughts. To increase the percentage of GER to 30%, we need more than twenty six thousand technical and nontechnical colleges, more than five hundred universities. Means we have a huge gap between productions and educate supply and that is the main cause that may young used to come back and starts working as daily labor as we didn’t have enough institution to teach them. For us 75 % will be a herculean task to reach always unless we start the basics. How far our system concern, it is totally collapsed due to some basic fundamental wrong concept implantation in the education system. These things need some proper discussions to make out the exact causes of the failure of our education system.

It is very unfortunate that many of our gems have gone for a carrier by force not by choice. That is the fate of lacks of students every year. It is always said that we should follow our heart but for those unfortunate students who can’t go with their hearts due to lack of available seats in the institutions and ultimately they lives a life with ultimate tragedy. It is very sad that many of the brilliant students who could be a Thomas Edition choose to work in the marketing promotion of bulbs. It is though looks very silly but it is making a huge difference between western countries, and us where they get the freedom to fly with their dreams without wings.
Indians were always ahead then the Europeans till the middle age but regular, consistent foreign attacks somehow brooked the backbone of our civilization and we started lagging behind. Previously all parents used to send their child to the best Acharyas (Teachers) but in the modern age, the best creamy portions of educated students never enter in the education system and thus the system runs by the less intellectual peoples, which directly influences the production quality.

The course is somehow made to give overall knowledge to all the students but having different councils and state boards the basic or fundamentals varies from place to place, states to states, councils to councils. Such an unscientific way of teaching actually creates gaps between the students of two councils or states. A standard way of learning is mast developed soon to make all students equally trained form any future plans.
The western countries are running with ultramodern technologies whereas our schools do not have basic needs like branches, boards, even enough teachers. There are many schools in India running by a single teacher in a single room. Regarding intellectual training and personal hygiene, our schools are a bi zero. The different offices are the best examples where only educated peoples used to go but if you look closely to the corners of the upstairs you can find plenty of splits in that. This a stupid culture running in India even by the educated but less intellectual peoples.
More governments police to giving promotion to the next class without any barrier in scoring making our counts up in the percentage of literate but actually we are producing crowd instead of genuine products. Simple structural and basic modifications can push India ahead in producing more intellectual educated Yougisthan and then will a skilled Indian can be reformed.

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