Learning of Encyclopedia: The pursuit of happiness Movie

Victory is sweetest when you have known defeat. Same is the lesson we get from one of the gems delivered by Hollywood’s famous movie The pursuit of happiness. Will smith’s portrayal as a person who against all odds in the movie refuses to give up is impeccable. The movie is based on the story of Chris Gardener who suffered a set loses. He is the one earned bread for his family, he is caring, compassionate and a loving father but fate took an unpleasant turn he lost First his job then his wife left him. He then finds An unpaid internship at a brokerage firm. He loses everything meanwhile he looked after his son but eventually he gets everything back with his efforts. Some of the magnanimous lessons that this movie has in store for us.

  • Life is full of setbacks but doesn’t lose hope-in the movie we observe the character of will smith goes through a string of setbacks. He lost his car, his wife left him then he became homeless. The hardships were strong enough to shake anyone’s optimism in life. In a similar way if anyone is experiencing a gloomy phase and having major setbacks but still they are in their pursuit of happiness and fulfillment then they are on the right path.
  • use your talent in the right way- Nor only Chris Gardner took the road less travelled but he made the best out of it. He leveraged his flair to get the contracts for the company. His talents, skills , charishma and personality earned him Prestige and worked wonders for him.
  • Be Positive-the asset if the movie is Chris Gardner’s positive outlook and his earnest pursuit in life. He goes through a horrible experiences anyone can never even thought of it. But his optimistic approach helped him face challenges in life and helped him win everyone’s heart.
  • Always Believe in yourself- In the movie Chris Gardner’s wife is not supportive of him. She considered the internship as a waste of time. In fact she used to tease him regarding what made him took the stoke broker internship but Chris Gardner believed in himself to achieve the target. His willingness and hard work to make things happen helped him sail through.
  • it’s never too late to start something new- The character in the movie is already in his 40’s, where a person is most likely to have a well established career. But he didn’t allow his age to become a Barrier a for him, he perused his desires thinking age is just a number for him.
  • Protect your dream.-In life There will be people who tell you what You can and can’t do. People continue to belittle your dreams and ask you to stop living a fantasy. ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ teaches us to guard our dream with my heart and mind. It teaches us to avoid feeling discouraged and accomplish them despite the odds.

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