Misogyny | Spot a Misogynists Near You

Misogynists, men hating women. Ya, you heard it right. Have you ever encounter with a man who hates women? Yes you do but you don’t recognize them, They do not appear with a tag added but you can find one. But How?


First, you need to understand misogyny meaning. What is misogyny? Misogyny as the words of sociologist Allan G. Johnson, “misogyny is a cultural attitude of hatred for females because they are female”. Misogyny is the envy of, hatred against female. It appears as social isolation, sex discrimination, hatred, patriarchy, male prerogative, depreciating of women, violence against female, sexual objectification etc. Misogyny is a puzzling topic to talk about since it involves bias or prejudice against half population i.e. women.

How to spot a Misogynist?

How to spot a Misogynist
How to spot a Misogynist

#1. A Misogynist treats a woman differently from others at the workplace. He will show different social perspectives, liberties for men and women.

#2. A misogynist can change his attitudes without prior notice and will hesitate to give respect to a woman or can be rude for no reason.

#3. When you find a person notably competitive in socially or professionally with women then you should consider a misogynist personality near you.

#4. When you are on a date and finds that the man you just meet start treated you like as you a male buddy then my lady you should ring the bell.

#5. One of the big sign of a Misogynists that he endure individual gain, pleasure, and entertainment from treating women poorly.

#6. A man cheated on women in a relationship or suddenly disappear from a relationship without a proper break up, and may come back after some time with an answer meant to tempt the woman back in. like he owes a woman.

Hope you get the idea spotting a misogynist, But for your clarity, In most situations, misogynists do not even know that they dislike women, It can be trust issue and other things like an abusive or careless mother, sister or partner. Know in details about misogyny like what is misogyny? misogyny definition on this website.

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