List of Agricultural Machinery And Its Uses

List of Agriculture Machine

Mechanization in the agricultural process has played an important role over the years. Now the use of Agriculture Implements and their usage has not only enhanced farm productivity but also making agricultural more environmental friendly.

Combine Harvester
Combine Harvester

Importance of Agricultural Machinery

  • Agricultural mechanization not only involves the technical aspects but also strengthens the value chain for the farm products.
  • It reduces time & human effort
  • Using appropriate tools, equipment, and machinery blend perfectly well with the idea of environment-friendly farming practices.
  • Agricultural machinery makes even the most complex and hazardous farming practices safe and affordable for the farmers.
  • It supports the effort of the farmers in moving towards market-oriented farming reducing the wastage of agricultural output.
  • It relieves the farmers from the problems like labor shortage, soil degradation, risks of pests and unfavorable climatic conditions.

List of agricultural machinery along with its usage

Agricultural machinery or Agriculture Implements have totally revamped the agribusiness and agriculture as an occupation.

We are providing you a list of commonly used agricultural machinery that is necessary for farming use.

Combine Harvester

Harvesting is an important part of farming and it can be done using the harvest tool. It fits easily on the tractor and can be operated swiftly, combine harvester is used to the harvest for the crop, it performs separate harvesting operations—reaping, threshing, and winnowing into a single step.

Tractor Rotavator

Rotavator is a type of agriculture machine with rotating blades that will break up the soil, as on the rough or uncultivated ground, or work surface material into the soil. Rotavator is a useful piece of machinery used for soil preparation.

Multi-Crop Row Planter

It is a piece of agricultural machinery is primarily used to plant crops like corn, peas, peanuts, sunflower, soya beans, grams, and cotton seeds. It works with great ease and maintains the desired spacing between plant to plant.

Power Harrow

Power harrow is a piece of agricultural machinery  it use to seed bed preparation and is suitable for all types of soil conditions. It levels your soil bed with a granulated look that is leveled and ideal for sowing.

Disc Plough

Disc plow is used to turn the soil, It comes in different size and configuration, it comes with 2, 3, 4 & 5 bottom versions. You can directly mount it on your tractors and it works equally well in stony areas and new fields.


It is another tractor driven farm utility called the reaper. this machinery cuts the crops three to four inches above the ground level. The crop that it cuts is carried to the line with the help of a conveyor belt. Precise in the function it’s ideal for paddy, wheat, oats, barley, etc.