Digger | Post Hole Digger

Posthole digger is a piece of agriculture equipment used to dig holes in farmland. It is a PTO driven implement, work with a tractor, It is the fastest mechanism to Digg the wholes, digger available in different size and shapes. It Digg the holes for plantation, polo standing, etc.

Advantages of Post Hole Digger

Digger is tractor PTO driven implement use to drill holes 12″, 18″, 24″ and 36″ width hole for plantation and commercial purposes. The maximum depth, which can be obtained of 3 Ft. to 9 Ft. tractor mounted and hydraulic.

Why we should choose Digger

  • With a post hole digger, you can minimize manpower, hours and the struggle of a two-man twist drill to dig holes.
  • A traditional trowel can leave bigger holes and requires more work, so using this type of equipment is really more practical.
  • Now unlike some machinery which can leave dents and can dig up the dirt in between holes, a post hole digger comes with a wheeled carriage which will leave no imprints and can save you time and money on restoring the land around your fence.
  • If soil or dirt might be a little too rough or there are any rocks or tree roots around, Due to Higher pull motorized post hole diggers can go over rough terrain perfectly and come with levers that give you the option to rotate so pulling or moving any rocks so we can overcome this issue by a digger.

Features of post hole digger

  • Hole Digger is a piece of agriculture equipment, which use for dig holes of various sizes and depths in the soil.
  • Hole Digger is used to make pits for plantation of mango, coconut, teak, pomegranate, lemon, Phyllanthus embolic & sugarcane, etc.
  • Tractor PTO of 540 RPM is able to mechanically drives Hole Digger Augur.
  • Hole Digger often consists of a stabilizer system, which keeps the augur perpendicular to the ground while in operation and controls swinging of augur while moving from one point to another point.
  • Hole Digger Augur endpoints and the bending blades are made replaceable
  • Hole Digger Gearbox, Power Transmission, Shaft, and spirals are most important.
  • post hole digger consist of Heavy duty tubular frame
  • Special steel grade cast cutting tip with semi-double flighting.
  • It has a heavy duty gearbox with an output shaft with shear pin protection.

Point keep in mind while using digger

If we are using digger machines, then are a few important things to remember when looking for faults or doing regular maintenance is to check on how much the weight limit is, you should create a habit to clean it properly and to make sure that all the nuts, bolts and pieces are in place and if starting to get loose, replace them as soon as possible.