Proper Use of Combine Harvester

Combine harvester or combine machine is one of the popular agriculture equipment among the farmer. It is primarily used for the harvesting of rice, wheat, paddy, soybean. Combine performs multiple operations like harvesting, threshing and grain cleaning into a single step. Using the proper use of the combined machine we can not only improve the working efficiency but also we can increase its service life. 

In the below article, I have explained to you some tips on how to use the combine harvester properly.

  • We should keep in mind that we should start the combined machine before harvesting and run the harvester at the rated speed thus can avoid the knife bar be gripped by the straws.
  • Harvesting time is a major factor. It’s better to harvest the crop after 9 a.m since it is little dew at that time and the rice or wheat is drier. We should not harvest the grain during the rain, it may cause the block of the harvester and increase the grain loss.
  • We should adjust the header of the combine machine. If the stubble heat is too high, it is hard to harvest the pygmy straws and it also affects the sowing of the coming year. It is better to lower the header of combine but make sure that it should not lower than 6 cm because it will cause the cutting of soil and further damage the knife bar.
  • We should take control over combine working speed. The working speed is directly associated with the working performance and working efficiency of the combine harvester. Normally, if the agriculture area is plain, open and the grains are all in the yellow ripening stage, In this case, the operator can improve the working speed of combine harvester, otherwise, the operator should always slow down the working speed.
  • The harvester should run straightly when harvesting the rice or wheat and the rice/wheat harvester should stop harvesting when turning or the grain may be overwhelmed by the divider.
  • Always Clean and maintain the combine machine after harvesting operation. There are often some soil and other sundries in the combine after harvesting which will destroy the combine harvester or cause blocking of the machine. So we should use to clean the combined machine and oil the machine after harvesting and then store it in a dry and airy place.

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