Questions to consider when making the decision to lease or purchase

Questions to consider when making the decision to Renting or purchase farm Equipment

Consider your specific farming needs, explore your financing options, and make an informed decision based on the overall facts. And as your needs change, we can help you determine the right option for the future. Our Farm Equipment Renting options are a low-cost, low-risk alternative to purchasing the Farm equipment outright or taking on an installment loan. Renting Farm Equipment is not as complicated as it seems. And since it can help cash flow, it’s worth checking into. Farmease Financial knows which questions to ask to determine if leasing is right for you

  • Is my operation stable, expanding, or downsizing?
  • What are my cash flow needs?
  • How long do I need the Farm equipment?
  • What is my advisor saying about my tax situation?
  • Am I risk averse?
  • Is ownership important to me?
  • Is running the newest and latest technology important to my operation?   
  •  Is running Farm equipment under warranty important to my operation?

Work with your accountant/tax advisor and your Farmease determine which financing solution makes the most sense for your operation. It may even be a mix of installment financing and leasing.