Rotavator | Use of Tractor Rotavator


Rotavator is one of the popular agriculture machines with rotating blades that are used as primary and secondary sowing. It is used in agriculture for the break up the soil & land leveling. It provides convenience and efficiency to local farmers because it can easily prepare the seedbed for sowing, it also minimizes fuel consumption & time duration.

Tractor rotary tiller is also known as rotary tillage, it is used to plow the farm by a series of blades that cuts, pulverizes, mixes and level of soil in a single pass, It is one of the most effective tools used for replacing the cultivator, disc harrow and leveler. Now a day rotary tiller is becoming popular in rice-growing countries throughout the world for lowland cultivation.


Advantage of Rotavator

There are below advantage of rotavator:

  • Less power consumption of tractor
  • Speedy seedbed preparation
  • Reduce draft compared to the conventional tillage implement
  • It minimizes farming tractor weight
  • Soil compaction reduces

Use of Rotavator

  •  It is used for soil preparation and makes it suitable for sowing.
  • It is also used for destroying weeds
  • Suitable for smooth & speedy preparation for root mixing fertilizer or compost into the soil crops, grain crops, orchards & cash crops.
  • Rotary Tiller is suitable for increases the soil potency by mixing the residue of crops like wheat, cotton, sugarcane, and paddy.
  • It preserves soil moisture & helps water distribution throughout the soil.

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