Rotary Tiller or Rotavator is an agriculture machine with rotating blades that is used as primary and secondary sowing. Tractor Rotavator used in agriculture for Break up the Soil & Land leveling.

Rotavator machines provide convenience and efficiency to local farmers because it can easily prepare the seedbed for sowing and minimize fuel consumption & time duration.

Tractor rotary tiller is a tillage machine, used to plow the farm by a series of blades which cuts, pulverizes, mixes and level the soil in a single pass, Rotovator is a most effectively used tool for replacing the cultivator, disc harrow and leveler.

Rotary tillers are becoming popular in rice growing countries throughout the world for lowland cultivation.


Advantage of Rotavator

  • Rotavator use in Agriculture allows farmers to prepare the soil without using large amounts of labor.
  • It is vital to ensure that the soil is properly prepared.
  • By turning the soil the maximum amount of nutrients are offered to the crops. The better the soil structure, the larger the crop yield which results in higher profits

It is an implement that cuts and pulverizes the soil by impact forces through a number of rotary tines or knives mounted as a horizontal shaft. It is also called “rotary tiller”. It is suitable for shallow cultivation and weed control. It consists of a power driven shaft on which knives or tines are mounted to cut the soil and trash. Generally, sharp-edged L-shaped blades are used on the rotor. One or two operations of this implement are sufficient for good pulverization of soil depending upon soil and crop conditions. It is not meant for sandy soil. A clutch is provided in the transmission system for engaging and disengaging power.
Before buying agriculture implements, remember to consider the –

• Price
• Performance
• Power
• Parts
• Product support
• Purchase

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