How Self Realization Leads You to a Better Help

How Self Realization Leads You to a Better Help

Everyone has experienced an emotional setback in life and it is completely normal to feel sad or lonely, but counseling comes into the picture when you are drawn in that sadness or loneliness. However, these days there are several medicinal help available out there, but getting help from a qualified therapist is a better option; the counselors listen patiently and help you understand the issue that is stopping you to lead the normal life. The major question arises that at what point of time we should go for a therapy?

Does Self Realisation Really Help?

Several lives have been destroyed because of depression every year; according to WHO it is a gigantic number of more than 300 million, who are affected by this illness every year around the globe. The depression leads towards suicidal attempts and most of them succeed as well, thus it is really important to keep your mind and body healthy, happy and alert from the mental illness.

The idea of self-analyzing the need of a help would help you to save your life from living in a persistent trauma and agony.  Since depression is a kind of disease that can give you a heart-wrenching life experience and motivates you to even take your life, it is important for you to wake-up and ask for a better help for a better life away from woe.

Therapy vs Medicinal Help

Even though you have the realization of help for depression, it is a state of a dilemma to take the first step, whether to choose a therapy or to go for medicinal help. Both have their own pros and cons it is up to you on which you want to rely on.

Talk therapy is certainly an effective one as the counselors listen to you patiently and motivate you to see the beauty in living the life. Nowadays, online counseling facilities are available, which allows you to express your inner conflicts and take advice anywhere, anytime. The only drawback to this mode of treatment is this is a time-taking process.

On the other hand, people are more inclined towards drug treatment, which certainly is an effective one and gives quick results. The medicinal treatment has some side-effects, which directly impact your way of living. Drugs can cause you amnesia, make you lazy, and cause other health issues like diabetes etc.

Well, everything has positive or negative aspects, but when it comes to depression or anxiety make yourself well aware of the symptoms and ask for help to save yourself from affliction.

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