Tips to Choose Major Farm Equipment for Your Farm Business

There are various types of farm equipment from different brands currently available in the market and they all have their own qualities, functionalities and price. Because of the huge variety of options, it can be really difficult for farmers to decide what type of machinery will be best suited for his small farm. Many a time, farmers in a hurry, purchase more farm equipment than they need initially. Or they may end up purchasing or acquiring such machines that are either too small or big as per their requirement.

But the good thing is that the agricultural machinery market is extremely competitive and one can simply find the information they require before selecting the appropriate farm machines for their farm. A farmer only needs to be prepared by considering below points:

  • Understand & evaluate your farm business requirements.
  • Get the information as much as possible about the machinery you want to buy.
  • Compare all the available options.
  • Evaluate the size of the tractor you need for your farm as per the acres you acquire. If you own a small piece of land, a compact tractor will be suitable for it, but if you want to grow food on a large land you should consider buying a large tractor with some implements.
  • Before buying a combine harvester, make sure if you will require it for the crop type you want to grow. As this is one of the most expensive machinery and is mainly used for grain crops like wheat, rice corn, pulses, sunflower etc. Its maintenance and operating cost are also high.
  • You must be aware of how much land you will be mowing an acre or two before you buy a mower.
  • Before buying a plough for cultivating soil you would need to see the soil and land conditions. There are various types of plough available in the market such as – disc plough, mouldboard plough or MB plough, chisel plough. You have to find out which one you need for your farm
  • A seeder works for planting seeds in the soil and spreading fertilizer. If you have a large piece of land then this equipment can help you save time for planting season.
  • If you are interested in livestock farming, you need equipment like feeder platforms, range feeders, hay racks, feed buckets etc. to feed animals
  • Lastly, make a wise decision after analyzing everything that relates to the finances as it will directly impact your investment and budget.

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