Traditional SEO

  1.  Keyword stuffing
  2. .Backlinks, backlinks & Some more backlinks (Quantity)
  3. Page Rank.
  4. Writing 500-800 words in your post well get you high rank on SERP
  5. Make your primary keyword as anchor text for most of the backlinks
  6. No difference in search results of mobile and desktop SERP
  7. Local SEO is also important

Modern SEO

  1. Relevant content that provides value to visitors, Keyword density 8% of the entire content
  2. .Quality of backlinks from relevant webpages
  3. Page Authority (How powerful a domain is)
  4. Average number of words on web pages that rank on top of SERP is 2416
  5. Anchor text(hyperlink) is not relevant anymore, make it natural, don’t stuff it
  6. Only mobile-optimized page will rank for mobile SERP
  7. Local SEO is part of the process and needs to be done, even more important for mobile devices