India incorporates a distinctive and compelling opportunity! Given the spirit of our entrepreneurial farmers, the scientific talent in our agriculture business and therefore the second-largest farming acres globally, if we are able to increase crop yields through technologically driven agricultural farm solutions, we are able to succeed food security domestically and be a positive contributor to serving to meet the world’s agricultural desires.

The effects of global climate change threaten agriculture, particularly in developing country like India wherever farming is dominated by little and marginal farmers looking forward to typical ways of farming. Erratic weather conjointly poses a serious challenge ahead of our farmers, most of them still rely upon precipitation for irrigation – is that this the start of associate degree dread scenario that might emerge within the close to future?
It is time for self-examination. Allow us to not be a nation that’s over-optimistic of meeting our challenges with existing tools. the elemental question is: are we tend to assured that our gift approach to food production ways and therefore the perspective towards newer technologies can guarantee enough food for the current and future generations?

The answer lies within the transformation towards bridging the gaps in Indian agriculture and adopting new waysof farming wherever technology plays an important role in filling these gaps. The dire would like for this imperative evolution has been realised by Fieldking a decade back at the time of its origination. Agriculture in India is witnessing a paradigm shift and that we have secure ourselves to be the catalyst in taking Indian agriculture to consequent level through our impeccable technology and farm mechanization solutions.

We are dedicated to empower our farmers by providing them world category technology at reasonable value in order that our farmers are well-prepared for the challenges returning their method. Our aim is to make a nation wherever nobody sleeps hungry and therefore the day is close to once India can witness another revolution.
Fieldking aims to revive, modernize, and create agriculture technology accessible to our farmers, and empower India to hunt its rightful place on the worldwide map. Our technologies for food production and productivity increase are able to deliver fantastic results over the years and that we expect to grow this manner within the future too.