What are the advantages of ploughing the soil?

What are the advantage of ploughing the soil

Ploughing has following Advantage:

  1. Ploughing  improves air circulation, so that route can respire easily.
  2. Root can penetrate deeper into the soil, thus , hold the plant firmly.
  3. Ploughing  enhancers the water retaining capacity of the soil.
  4. Ploughing uproots the weeds growing in the field and aids in the growth of microbes.
  5. Allows the plant roots to penetrate freely and deeper in the soil so that plants are held more firmly to the ground.
  6. Helps in the growth of worms and microbes. 
  7. Uproots and buries the weeds.
  8. Brings the nutrient rich soil to the top so that the plants can use these nutrients

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