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Characteristics of Computer Systems: Definition & Limitations

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What is the Computer?

In simple language, we can say a Computer is a machine that takes in raw data and do some calculations on it and provide us with the required output in the desired format.

Computer device stores as well as process information electronically. Thus we can say, Computer is a machine that performs processes, calculate and perform operations based on instructions provided by the software or hardware of the computer. Computers are usually categorized based on their different sizes and different functionalities. Computers store data for later use in different storage devices and retrieve data whenever it is necessary.

Today computer is used for various purposes ranging from browsing the web, writing documents, editing videos, communicating with others creating applications, playing video games, and a lot more.

So, we can conclude that computers are designed to execute applications and provide various solutions for the user.

What are the characteristics of Computer? 

Now we understood what a computer is Next, we can move on to understand what are the various characteristics of computer systems. As we know the computer makes our life very easy. And  It is because of the features of this machine we can perform the toughest task easily. Just think of calculating factors of 276820804456 in 5 minutes. Well, the calculation can be done in seconds with the help of a computer to save time. Let’s learn the other functionality of computers.

1. Speed

Speed is one of the most basic characteristics of computer. A computer can perform billions of calculations in a second. The time utilized by a computer to perform any operation is termed processing speed And computer speed is measured in units such as MegaHertz (MHz) or GigaHertz (GHz).

2. Storage

The computer has built-in memory where we are able to store any style of knowledge. Which is random access memory. In addition, computers can hold read-only memory. The data can be stored in secondary devices which can be attached to the computer. Text, graphics, pictures, audio, and video are any form of data. The storage capability of the computer is increasing quickly. The storage capacity of the computer is measured in Mega-byte, Giga Byte, Tera-byte, and Peta-byte units.

3. Processing

It will perform different types of calculations like addition, subtraction multiplication, and division. It can easily perform different types of calculations with the same ease.

4. Accuracy

It can perform 100% calculations. The error can occur only if you wrongly give it inaccurate data. the computer has made it easy for humans to calculate complex calculations within seconds.

5. Communication

Computer with the Network provides us to communicate over the internet in a fast and efficient manner. For example, we can do audio and video conferencing, email messaging, etc. over the internet. hence, the computer network is a great way to share our knowledge and ideas with others easily.

Other characteristics of computer

A few other characteristics of computer are listed below through which you can understand more about computers.

No Feelings– A machine fails because it lacks emotional intelligence and a computer does not have emotional intelligence.

No Intelligence– Computers cannot see and think about the actions to be performed in a particular situation unless the situation is already programmed in them in advance.

Versatile– It refers to the ability to quickly switch from one task to another. The computer can smoothly perform one task to another.

Limitations of Computer

Besides many features of computers, there are a few limitations of computers. Such as The computer cannot operate without instructions from outside. The computer is programmed to work effectively and accurately. The computer cannot think by itself and does not have its own intelligence. Here are a few listed limitations of computers.

  • Depend on the user’s input.
  • The computer has no imagination.
  • Cannot detect an error in its logic.
  • Only an expert who knows how to use it can work on it.
  • Cannot take decisions on its own.

Definition, Characteristics of computer system and limitation

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