What is Sapiosexual?


Sapiosexual is a combination of two different words Sapio and Sexual which means finding intelligence sexually attractive, somewhere it is used as an adjective like a person sexually attracted to an intelligent person. and somewhere it uses a noun like attracted to the intelligent human mind.

Sapiosexual behavior is very common among men and women, it creates intelligent communication, knowledge about a particular subject or topic, and a strong opinion about a certain topic.


In this modern era where everyone has a desire for a compatible partner. We are often attracted to our partner’s good qualities. Maybe it’s due to their sense of humor, confidence, or physical appearance. To strengthen the bond between the two individuals chemistry between people plays a huge part in the relationships, but there are also certain personality characteristics that draw us to one another.

There is a certain amount of the population that gets attracted to intelligence. People who admire intellect the most and find it the most important factor in a potentially sexual relationship and get in any individual are known as Sapiosexual. Sapiosexual tells about having a great understanding and knowledge is better than having looked. Intelligence is really the big charismatic trait for them.

Intelligence is the foundation of their relationship. Basically, they are in love with the way a person thinks. Sometimes, sapiosexual individuals have also been called “nymphomaniacs,” or individuals who find it arousing to engage with the intellectual perspective of another person.

 Librarians, teachers, professors, and others associated with learning institutions are often targets of sapiosexual persons. A vital part of their time is spent in imparting education, which is an activity linked with exploring and gathering information. They find a sapiosexual a perfect partner for them.

In so many spheres, including sexuality, what our personality today is, has its roots in our childhood. What happened during our childhoods serves as a foundation of who we are today, especially in connection with intimacy. Perhaps what we look for in a partner is what we always wanted in ourselves. It also might be the catalyst to the knowledge of our inner selves.

For example, someone who as a child, was told by someone that she was not smart. For this reason, she always craved intelligence in herself and in her lovers. To crave to outsmart others become that person’s lifestyle. It has long been known that women who were adored by their fathers expect or desire the same in their mates. They tend to stay clear of those who treat them poorly or with disrespect.

Different people find different characteristics attractive. What is the definition of a turn-on for a person X may not be a turn-on for Person Y. A clarity of thoughts and oodles of knowledge are the asset of a sapiosexual person.

Sign of Sapiosexual

  • Someone eager to find more attractive people and willing to know them
  • If anyone is more attracted by what she knows than what she has
  • If some take it slow in a relationship
  • If anyone is attracted by someone due to their intelligence.

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