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The seed drill is an agricultural implement that is used to plant seeds in the ground in a precise pattern. It was invented by Jethro Tull in 1701 and was a major breakthrough in agricultural technology. The seed drill was designed to plant seeds in evenly spaced rows with the correct depth and spacing. It also created furrows for the seeds to be planted in, which ensured that the seeds were planted in a uniform manner. The seed drill was a major step forward in farming, as it allowed farmers to plant a large area of land quickly and efficiently. This also improved crop yields by encouraging better germination of the seeds. The seed drill is still used in modern agriculture today and has been adapted for use with modern machinery.

seed drill

seed drill

Use of seed drill

1. Increased Yields: The seed drill helps farmers to sow the seeds in a uniform manner which in turn helps them to get maximum yields from their crops. 

2. Time-Saving: The seed drill saves a lot of time as compared to manual sowing. It also reduces labor costs. 

3. Less Wastage: With the use of seed drill, the wastage of seeds is minimized as the seeds are sown in a uniform manner. 

4. Weed Control: The seed drill helps in controlling the weeds as the seeds are sown in a uniform manner with less overlap and less soil disturbance. 

5. Nutrient Retention: As the seed drill helps in planting the seeds in a uniform manner, the nutrients are better retained in the soil. This helps the crop to grow better.

Seed Drill Manufacturer in India 

There are many seed drill manufacturers in India, such as BCS India, Mahindra Agriculture Equipment, KhetiGaadi, Fieldking, and Shanti Seed Drill. These companies provide a variety of seed drills for different applications, including precision seed drills, zero-till seed drills, and heavy-duty seed drills. They also provide after-sales service and support for their products.

Seed Drill Price in India  

The price of a seed drill in India depends on the model and size of the drill. In some case type of seed drill and its features will also affect the price. For instance, a seed drill with a precision seed and fertilizer applicator may cost more than a basic model. Additionally, the condition of the machine and whether it is new or used can also affect the cost. Prices usually range from around Rs 10,000 to Rs 1,00,000. 

Seed drill spare parts   

Seed drill spare parts may include:  

  1. Seed tube assemblies 
  2. Seed hopper assemblies 
  3. Finger pickup assemblies 
  4. Seed distribution plates 
  5. Drive systems
  6. Agitators 
  7. Rear wheels 
  8. Clutches 
  9. Mounting brackets 
  10. Gauge wheels 
  11. Colter assemblies 
  12. Depth control systems 
  13. Hydraulic systems 
  14. Gearboxes 
  15. Gears 
  16. Bearings
  17. Shafts
  18. Seals 
  19. Belts
  20. Pulleys
  21. Springs 
  22. Fasteners 
  23. Control panels
  24. Wire harnesses

Frequently Asked Questions About Seed Drill

  • What does the seed drill do?

The seed drill is a device used to sow seeds in a uniform way across a field. It is usually composed of a hopper for holding the seeds and a series of discs or plates that open the soil and deposit the seeds in a straight line at a uniform depth. The seed drill helps to reduce the amount of labor and time required for sowing and increases crop yields.

  • How does a seed drill work?

A seed drill is an agriculture machinery used to sow seeds into the soil. It consists of a hopper, a cylindrical tube, and blades or openers. The hopper holds the seed, and the cylindrical tube contains blades or openers that open the soil, allowing the seed to be deposited at an even depth. As the drill moves forward, the blades or openers cut the soil and create a furrow, while the seed is dropped into the furrow in a consistent pattern. The seed is then covered with soil, and the drill moves on to the next furrow. The seed drill can be pulled by a tractor, or pushed manually by a farmer.

  • What is the seed drilling method?  

Seed drilling is a method of planting seeds in a straight line. It is a precision planting method that ensures each seed is planted correctly and at a consistent depth. Seed drills create a furrow in the ground and drop a single seed into the furrow. This method allows for the even distribution of seeds, reduces the amount of wasted seed, and enables farmers to maximize the number of crops they can harvest.

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