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Top Combine Harvester Manufacturers in India

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In the Era of farm mechanization, A combine or combine harvester is one of the most popular pieces of agricultural machinery among farmers, It is versatile farm machinery specially designed to harvest various types of grain crops like wheat, oats, maize, sorghum, rice, barley, soybeans, sunflowers, and canola. Due to its unique design and configuration Combine performs various types of agriculture operations like reaping, threshing, and winnowing into a single pass. In the current era, Combine is considered the most economically prominent labor-saving invention, significantly reducing the population engaged in farming.

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Best Combine Harvester Manufacturer in India

There are many trusted market leaders in India that are manufacturing combine some of them are below.

  • Fieldking
  • John Deere
  • Crop Tiger by Class
  • Standard combine harvester
  • Kubota Harvesters
  • Kartar Agro
  • Preet Agro Industries
  • Dashmesh Group
  • Indo Farm
  • Mahindra
  • Sonalika

All the above are one of the trusted market leaders in India but as my personal experience Fieldking harvester is one of the best combine harvesters in India, fieldking exclusively manufactures 3 different types of combine including sacker type, tank type and with AC Cabin, As we were already aware that Fieldking is one of the market leaders in agriculture equipment manufacturing, they have built to achieve a strong dealer network in India and around the world due to its excellent farming product range and unique service support.

Fieldking Combine Harvester

Key Feature of Fieldking Combine Harvester

  • Fieldking Combine in design in such a way that it can be operated in both wet as well as dry conditions, Its track doesn’t put high pressure on wet soil also while moving to owe to its reasonably lightweight and track-type nature.
  • It has a relatively strong chassis and powerful engine with a turbocharger and a higher ground clearance of 12”. 
  • It provides an alarm indication Once the grain tank is full.
  • Large feeding bridge with better feeding capacity and the machine body is compact making it easily maneuverable in difficult terrains such as hilly areas and small farms.

Technical specifications – fieldking combine harvester

  • 88 HP Powerful engine
  • Weight: 3200 Kg (approx)
  • Rubber track life: 1000 hours
  • Grain tank capacity of 1400 ltr and fuel tank size is 130 ltr.
  • Control panel input: 12 V from the tractor battery
  • Cutter bar width is 7 ft i.e 2.25 meter
  • Threshing length is 2.01 m hence clean grain.
  • 55 cc HST Gearbox makes it 15% more efficient
  • Adjustable cutting height: 2” to 31”

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